A plant, owned by CARTA Ltd, is a considerable advantage; the plant is broad and adapted to the specific character of the production process of frame and panel constructions of wood, and gives an opportunity both to guarantee high quality of the produced products and offer competitive prices and production volumes at the market. The company’s experience, accumulated over the years, as well as developed production technology of houses made of wooden panels make it possible to implement any panel technical solution without considerable restrictions. At the moment, building of houses with wooden framing is especially popular in Scandinavia, Europe, America and Canada. Wooden houses possess numerous advantages in comparison with houses of any other kind, what is often the determining factor when choosing construction with the use of wooden panel technology.

For a designing of each house, an architect develops custom-made solutions on secure building constructions in accordance with an area of ​​the house, number of floors and shape of the roof. The strength of a house with a wooden framing depends on both reliable and well thought-out solutions and initially correct construction of the house. Our goal is to build a comfortable and environmentally friendly house for you and your family.